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Posted: June 20, 2012 in Letters
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My dear beloved brother, you will probably never see this leave alone read it, but still, I will write it. I write this letter with a heavy heart and with cries and pains no words can describe because it is about you, my loving brother. I remember when we were young and dad had just gotten a transfer, it was me, you and him before the others could join us. You were a very responsible boy, played your duties as an older sibling diligently and lovingly. You would wake up early, prepare breakfast, and serve it, before rushing to school yourself. Those were the good old days.

Then you grew up, adolescence came together with its bag of challenges. I do not know if you were not too strong to overcome them or you just chose to entertain them. The sweet, handsome, bright young boy was quickly replaced by something else. Suddenly, school was an option, education became just another word and drugs became your closest friends. How you managed to finish school beats me but God has his ways. You finished but failed since you were a bright boy who chose to waste his life. You are a great thinker and quite good in literature and have your way with words, traits I have noticed. I doubt if you have seen them yourself. The transition from teenage to adulthood has been the worst. You became a great shadow of your former self. Always drinking, always smoking whilst supplementing with other drugs. You chose to hang with bad company, which surely corrupted your good morals. You began wasting away, not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You became your own idol. Pleasing yourself at whatever costs. So many times you’ve escaped death narrowly, evaded arrest plus a myriad of things we may not know of. Do you ever see the hand of God in all these?

You drink, laugh and merry with your friends but deep down you are a tormented soul. Deep down you long for home, you long for peace, you want out. Why can’t you see it brother, you cannot do this on your own. In and by yourself there is no capacity to change for the better. It is not your life; it was given to you, why not entrust it to God the sustainer of all life? You need God brother. Do you ever see the pain you cause us, your family? Yes, you do not just affect your life but those of people around you. We tried loving you, then we became angry, anger grew to resentment and bitterness for some of us. We do not understand you. We try but we don’t. We don’t understand how you would just let yourself go, how you would waste your life, throw it all away. Many a times we have failed you as your family, many a times, we have not shown you love; we have given up on you, forgetting that we ourselves aren’t any better and it’s only by God’s grace that we are what we are. So, I pray for you brother. I pray to God that you may find solace in Him. That He may enable you to kill your idols and worship the God who sits on the throne. I pray that when the trumpet blows for you, you will be found ready. I pray salvation; I pray freedom, love and joy. I pray for us too, that we may learn to understand you, to love you, appreciate you more and show you mercy and grace just as we have received the same. I pray for you brother, because I love you and it hurts that you are wasting your life.

With these few remarks, I put my pen down and continue praying for you. Lord help me not to give up, not forgetting that salvation is from you and that what seems impossible with man you can do it. Even the vilest sinner, you can save. Therefore, I cast him in your care. To all with unbelieving family members, keep praying, keep loving and keep trusting. He who is above all shall surely come through, in His wisdom and time.

Your Loving Sister,



Grace & Peace