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May 20th: What You Stole From Me!

One day is like a thousand years to the Lord
So much can happen within a day
24hrs is all it takes for your life to be turned upside down
24hrs is all God needs to teach you a lifetime lesson
Saturday May 20th 1995




Posted: August 10, 2012 in Poetry
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Oh how sweet the Providence

That set me on the path of mercy

When all I ever deserved was wrath

Tis’ Providence that wrought in me the work of grace

That leads to the sanctification of my soul

Sweet Blessed Providence

When I knew not the perils that prevailed upon me

Before fear could overtake my heart

Providence had delivered me from all eminent danger

Though pain and sickness afflict my body

Providence has never let me walk alone,

Always comforts me, always holds me, healing me and giving me grace to endure

Sweet blessed Providence

I may not be of noble birth

Nor able to sit among kings and princes

But Providence has secured for me a place in my family

In which love and harmony is the rhythm of our soul

Sweet Blessed Providence

When others walk in scarcity and loneliness

Providence blessed me with a home

Though humble and of common birth

Many a times my eyes have glimpsed unto the grave

Pestilence, great and small have followed me

But thy rod and thy staff they comfort me

You never allowed me to sink to the grave

I will sing of thy mercies

Sweet Blessed Providence

Thou hast given me work for my hands

And Thou orders and directs my steps daily

From the breaking of dawn to the setting of the sun

It is Providence that what I do is what I love

Let me never forget the small mercies of Providence

Sweet Blessed Providence.

Grace & Peace.