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In his book ‘Life Together’ Bonhoeffer, a Christian martyr, has extensively dealt with the subject of community in as far as Christians are concerned in a very in depth and insightful way.

He captures the essence of Christian community, where it emanates from and just how it is to be handled. He cautions us on how not to take take for granted the gift of community/christian fellowship for it is a gift of grace, apportioned by God to everyone as He wills. Those who enjoy a life of abundant Chriostian fellowship/community, have a way of taking it for granted unlike those who because of God’s will don’t have the same luxury say, a Christian imprisoned for his faith, or a Christian living in a hostile environment where communal fellowship is prohibited. He goes on further to deal with the Christian’s day with others, the Christian’s day alone, ministry and finally confession and communion. All these are dealt with extensively as topics on their own.

If you have ever struggled with the subject of the Christian as a community of God, or just want to understand it more or are new to it and want to learn, this is the book for you.

For those who are not fans of thick sized books, this one is less than 150 pages of rich, biblical truths.

Get it and whatever you learn, apply it and share with others.


Grace & Peace.