#NEWPOST: 30 Pieces of Silver

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Poetry
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*Ching! Ching! *

30 pieces of silver fell in his hands

For 30 pieces of silver Judas sold his soul

How his name has been tarnished because of that

How I have condemned him because of that

But I’m I really any different?

How many times have I betrayed my Saviour with a kiss?

How many times have I chosen to look the other way and grieve Him?

How many times have I sold my soul for temporary pleasures;

For money that has no worth?

How many times have I brought shame to His Name because of my actions?

How many times have I acted a saint when I’ve been filthy all along?

For 30 pieces of silver

For earthly things which moth can eat

For wealth that has no lasting value

For simple pleasures that bring me nothing but shame

*Ching! Ching*

I am no different than Judas

But unlike him I have room to repent

Unlike Him, I can still be restored

Because I’m alive, His grace is sufficient

Help me not to take advantage of your grace

To fix my eyes on the things that are above

And not the 30 pieces of silver

That ever entice me.


#NEWPOST: The Brevity of Life

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Poetry
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Have you ever grasped that you have only one life to live,

And that each day in it can be lived only once?

Maybe not

That the hours which come fresh to you will carry forever the imprint which your life leaves on them?

Or that life is not only short but also fleeting?

We are like grass, here today and gone tomorrow,

Like mist we appear for a little while then suddenly we vanish,

We know not what a day will bring to us,

Tomorrow is not promised, they say

Nothing can ever be returned for minor correction,

So now is the day to turn over a new leaf

There is no other ‘today’ we can ever hope to have

Today is the day to turn over a new leaf

Depending not on our strength but on Christ who strengthens us

Depending not on our wisdom but that which comes from above

Now is the day to turn over a new leaf

Won’t you hear this clarion call?


Posted: November 19, 2013 in Letters, Poetry
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He sets out yet again, all happy & determined to make it
It’s the third time this week
You are awed by his tenacity
The downcast face and sombre look that greets you in the evening
As he looks  up to you and gives you that look
That all familiar look
You know they said no to him again

Football has always been his passion
Somehow, he never cuts the team
Finally an opportunity arises, he’s quite optimistic
Not today, that’s what the coach says
With those eyes, he walks away

No one prepared you for this
Seems yours will always be a ‘losing husband’
How do you show him he’s a winner
Your vote of confidence is all he needs


To all wives of ‘losing husbands’
Each time he gives you those eyes
He’s letting you in, exposing his vulnerability
Letting you know that only in your arms is he secure
So waste not this chance dear wives
Welcome him with love
Let him know he’s a king in his house
Don’t pity him, let him know his strengths
Be the cushion he falls on when the world beats him
Be the world to him, for if you are
It doesn’t matter what the rest think
They may brand him a looser
But you share a secret together
One that binds you forever
The reason why he gives you those eyes
The reason you are his wife
The challenge is hard but take it confidently
After all, you are his woman

Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Letters, Poetry
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Will you love me tomorrow
When I fall short from your graces again
When time and time again
I find new ways to hurt you
When my words of apology
Are just rehearsed lines for the play
When I fail to deliver on a promise
When I’m too weak to say no to temptation
When harsh words keep cutting deeper and harder
When I fail to play my role as your partner
When I share with you my weaknesses
When fear engulfs me and I cry out for help
When I show you that I’m just human
Will you still love me
Or would you be the first to cast a stone?

It’s been awhile since I put pen and paper to play, or is it fingers and keypad. A lot has happened, a lot has remained the same, but all in all, God has been working.


Shattered glass looks pretty from afar,

What with the sun’s rays falling on it making it glow like some precious stone,
From afar it almost seems to have a perfect, systematic arrangement
And you just wanna touch it and let your hand gloss over it,
It lets you have an illusion of what really exists
And you cannot help but wonder at the depth of its beauty

Shattered glass sure does look pretty from afar
We almost forget that at the end of the day it is glass
That our fragile feet were not meant to walk upon it
Neither were our smooth hands made to grab hold of it
But still, like stubborn children we just want to run and touch
Maybe walk on it and if lucky grab some for keeps
We forget that shattered glass is glass and it is meant to cut
The optical illusion from the sun’s rays does nothing to prevent that fact
Shattered glass will cut even the most experienced of us
Like mad men we chase after the wind when we run after worldly things
Temporary stuff that have no eternal perspective to boot
All because like shattered glass they seemed like the real deal
But just like shattered glass, they look pretty from afar
But when touched, they cut oh so deep
Let not your eyes be fooled, nothing will ever satisfy
To identify shattered glass keep your eyes on Him who illuminates
Trust on His promises and sweep away the shattered glass before they start cutting.

“If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”

Read the whole chapter

1 John 5:21
“Little children, keep yourselves from idols.”


Grace & Peace

Forgotten Lover

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Poetry
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It’s past midnight, sleep eludes me and thoughts flash through my mind,

I’m nostalgic about the good times, the sweet times, the crazy times, the US times,


Times when we forgot about the world,

When like children we loved innocently,

When we made memories out of any and everything that came our way,

Those were the good old days, Old because they are gone,

Never to be repeated, at least, not with me,

It’s this that got me thinking,

Are those memories also etched deep in your mind,

Will you remember me when the wind blows and the cold breeze leaves you longing for warmth,

Will you remember me in the dark of night when the only light you have is the moon,

Will I occasionally pop in your mind when you think of writing a love song,

Will you smile when you remember my jokes and me being all silly,

Will I be completely erased from the milestones in your life,

Will you remember the assurance of love you had when all were against you,

Will you remember me in the silence when alone,

Or in the hustle of the crowd amidst drowning noise,

Will you remember how it felt looking into my eyes,

Or will I, just like seasons that come and go,

Be a forgotten lover who left no mark behind?


Life sets us on a journey to the unknown,
Through means not of our own we find ourselves on this road,
A road travelled by many but not many really get to the end,
What is so hard about this road called relationship,

What makes some fall flat along the way,
Where is the vigour and determination seen when the journey is starting,
The smiles and laughter that crowned our days,
The words of understanding that was communication,
The eyes of love that spoke to our hearts,
This road called relationship,

Bandits lay in wait to snatch what we have,

Sometimes we fail to jealously guard what we possess,
By the time we realise it, we are walking alone,
What happened to the tenacity that symbolised our journey,
What happened to the patience by which we survived,
What happened to the grace which held us together,
This road called relationship so long and windy,
Tell me who on earth will ever get to the end,

God knows how we need Him from start to finish,
God knows how many times we have longed to hear His voice say ‘My child hold on’
God knows how daily this road gets weary,
For it is not for the swift neither is it for the strong,
This road is meant for the weak and lowly,
This road is meant for the selfish and proud,
This road is meant for the stubborn and arrogant,
Tell me how we are to survive if such is the cast,
This road called relationship, so selfless so godly

Day in day out we cry for mercy,
Broken hearts, betrayed souls lay strewn along the wayside,
Alone we perish but with you we succeed
God help us pack for this road called relationship.