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May 20th: What You Stole From Me!

One day is like a thousand years to the Lord
So much can happen within a day
24hrs is all it takes for your life to be turned upside down
24hrs is all God needs to teach you a lifetime lesson
Saturday May 20th 1995



Roses & Thorns!

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Thoughts of a Broken Vessel
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Life has lain me on a bed of roses & thorns,
One minute it’s warm and cosy,
Sweet smelling and soft to the touch,


A Christians’ Response to Kanyari’s Expose’

Wow! I haven’t been here for almost two years. I missed this. Anyway, what brings me here today is a rather sad affair. If you live in Kenya and own a TV set or a mobile device, you probably are familiar with what I’m talking about.


Ever been in a crisis
A crisis too deep you don’t know how to get out
A self-inflicted crisis with murderous results
A crisis you saw coming but chose to ignore?

Now ever been in a spiritual crisis
Where day and night you wonder if you are still in the faith
And to drown that still small voice telling you where to go
You indulge in what your depraved soul knows best – sin
Ever been in a spiritual crisis?

That you need the word so badly but feel like you’ve gone too far to be redeemed
And so again instead of climbing out, You dig yourself deeper into the pit
You know the way out but walking in it suddenly seems so hard
You don’t know who to reach out to or how to
Scratch that, you know exactly who to reach out to but wonder if they’ll ever understand coz you can’t even explain it
If they’ll look past your wandering and feed you with the word you so deeply desire
Because after all is said and done, you realise it’s all vanity
Why would I gain the whole world and lose my soul
Why would I gain the appeal of man only to be disowned by my Maker
Why would temporary pleasures satisfy, or rather feel like they satisfy when in reality they are killing me
Why gain that relationship and lose out on the one that matters most
Why would I do all these and yet I am a Christian
How did I go these far, how did I miss the signs
Is this indwelling sin or have I just lost it
Because if I’m to be judged by my fruits God knows I won’t pass any test?

Yet deep within the thirst is still there
My soul deeply longs and groans for Him
He still seeks me upto now
I know I’m able to see I’m in a crisis because His grace still saves
But I’m too weak to get myself out of this mess
The cross seems so far to reach to
But my heart, Oh my heart, wants to fall upon it
To leave everything else and cling to it
To never look back again because this pit is ugly
To lift my eyes to God and cry ‘Father forgive me’
Cause’ much as I try to fight it
I know this is the Christian I’m not.

While reading through Romans 5, I got stuck in verses 3-5 which state:

‘More than that, we rejoice in sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character, and character produces hope and hope does not put us to shame because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the HolySpirit who has been given to us.’

The word ‘hope’ and how it has been used in the bible caught my eye. I went ahead and looked it up to find this;

1. ‘a belief that something desired will happen’

2. ‘a person, thing or circumstance that makes hope possible.’ Wow!

Of late, I have been encouraging a friend alot to hold on to hope. Jenny & Tyler’s song, ‘Holding onto hope’ always comes to play. But what does the bible really mean when it talks about hope?

1. Redemption
Romans 5:5 ‘……..and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the HolySpirit who has been given to us.’

Verse 8 continues to say that, ‘….but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’

See the connection between the two verses? One talks of God’s love, the other is the demonstration. In this is hope, the infilling of love by the outpouring of Christ. Hope is used in this instance to mean redemption, reconciliation, and peace with God. In this case, the second dictionary definition of hope applies. Christ makes hope possible.

2. The Future Glory
Another way hope is used in the bible is to highlight on the glory that is to be revealed.
Romans 8:18-30 talks of how the present sufferings are incomparable to the future glory. Creation groans in expectation of it and even us, the ones having the firstfruits of the Spirit even the more. For it is in this HOPE that were saved. That’s what the bible says.
The Psalmist cries out in Psalms 130.5 ‘I will wait for the Lord, my soul waits and in his word I hope.’ He goes on to say, ‘Oh Israel, hope in the Lord for with the Lord there is steadfast love and with him is plentiful redemption and he will redeem Israel from all her iniquities. Redemption and future glory are seen in the same chapter. In Psalms 119:49-50 it says, ‘Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope. My comfort in my suffering is this: your promise preserves my life.’

This hope for the future glory works presently to give us strength for each day and we wait for it with patience. The bible itself says in Prov.13:12 that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. The world hopes in what it does not know and in a future that has not been secured. Therefore, in this case, the first dictionary definition of hope applies. We believe that a future glory will be revealed stamped by the assurance of Christ in us the hope of glory in Colossians 1:27.

A worthy note is that Christ is the constant in both ‘hopes.’ Without him, we are hopeless, neither redeemed nor longing for a future glory. So I finish off like the Psalmist saying, ‘Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope.’

Do have a hope-filled day.

Grace & Peace

Ps.115:1 Not to us, not to us, but to Your Name be the glory.

Grace to you,

I write this article, because as the days go by, I see a need that is rapidly growing and I feel it is my Christian duty to respond to such needs.  Some are doing it intentionally and some genuinely do not know. Rather than sit and complain, let me use what God has given me to share my concerns and trust that God will help us through this one too.

Let me first start by explaining what I mean by the term “Gifting.” I have used the word gifting to infer to what we have freely received from God, be it in form of knowledge, skill or talent, or the biblically recorded gifts, for the glory of His name.

Christ is an example to everything we will ever need in life so let me start by showing how He correlated with what God had given Him. Christ’ purpose when coming to earth was to redeem it and reconcile it to God. God had decided before time, that He was going to be the instrument through which we were going to receive redemption.  Everything that Christ did was God centered and the role He was to play was not separate from His being. Christ and His saving work were the same. ALL that He did emanated from Him being God yet man, being sent by God the Father and the work that He was to do which was all for the glory and pleasure of God. There is no time, where Christ separated the two, His saving work and His being. He did what He was to do because when people looked at him, they saw the one who sent Him and believed. He came as the light, John 12:44.

Let me shift this to the present day Christian. What is it that God has sent you to do? What has He freely given you that come with so much ease to you for the glory of His name? Are you doing it fully and for the glory of His name? Let me break it down further. In this diverse Christian family, we have received various gifting/talents from God. We have the fivefold ministry then we have the gifting/talents or skills such as photography, writing, music, poetry, filming, et al. Every good and perfect gift comes from above and every gift/talent is for the common good. That means that it is not your personal trophy. You are just a carrier who must deliver the contents to the intended recipients.  You are supposed to use it for the edification of the body and the glory of God. We are to use our gifting/talents to preach God’s message of reconciliation. That is the message that John the Baptist preached and the same message that Jesus preached when He set out in His ministry.

God’s word is taught so that we may be fully equipped for the work of ministry. For some, it may mean going to Rendille for some mission work, whilst for others, it may mean being in your field of expertise as the mission field. Once we begin to see what we have been given as a tool to preach the gospel, edify the saints and bring glory to God, then and only then, will we begin to bear good fruit.

So I ask again, is the Christian and his gifting/talent one or separate? Is my Christianity and my blog, my Christianity and my photography work, my Christianity and my music, my Christianity and my poetry,  my Christianity and my fashion business, etc.  same or separate? Will I call myself a Christian but desist from practicing or showing Christ in my blog? Will I say I am a Christian but my poetry pieces cannot attest to that? Yes, I understand that we are one body but different parts, meaning everyone brings something different on the table. This is always evident when am reading other people’s blogs and am just amazed at how we are all so different yet sharing the same agenda. I can only write the way I write, but one thing’s for sure, regardless of our differences, the point should be the same.  If you have been sent out, don’t you think it is important to do the will of the one who sent you? Christ was willing to obey even when obedience meant death. Why do we trifle with the will of God? Why do we think the gifts/talents we have received are just gadgets for us to have fun with? Why can’t we see the bigger picture – For the glory of God and His pleasure?

If we are told to live a life worthy of the calling we have received, don’t you think it should apply even in the way we use our gifting/talents? We are Christ’ ambassadors, each with different assignments but with one agenda, “Preaching the gospel of reconciliation.” Why is it hard for us to see your agenda as the Christian?  Col 3:16 says, “let the word of God dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom.”  The word of God is the main tool for preaching the gospel. Have you ever thought, that maybe, God has equipped you with photography skills so that you can show the world how creation testifies of His glory, or you are so adept in sports because God wants you to show how sports can be done for the glory of God, or how when I read that awesome piece I am supposed to just see God strewn all over it, don’t you think so? Everything Christ did gave God glory, shouldn’t it be the same with us? Shouldn’t someone be able to pinpoint from the very start that this one is from God and glorify God? Why are there so many relativities and ambiguities in our work? Are we failing in our gifting/talents?

Col 4:17 says, “See to it that you complete the work you have received in the Lord.” Are we doing that? An exhortation is given to work with all our hearts in everything as unto the Lord and in all we do, whether in word or deed, to do it in the name of the Lord Jesus, Col.3:17. We are told in Col.4:5 to make use of every opportunity and in 2 Tim.4:5, to discharge all the duties of our ministry.  1 Peter goes higher to the heavens by saying, be holy in all you do, for He who has called you is holy. Is holiness exuded in your work? Is holiness exuded in your gifting/talent? Then the mother of them all, 1 Cor. 10:31, “so whether you eat or drink, or WHATEVER YOU DO, do it all for the glory of God. Do not stumble anyone for we are not seeking our own good but the good of many (the great commission), so that they may be saved.” Are you taking heed to that? It is to the word, we will do well to take heed.  Finally, Rom 13:10 says, Love worketh no ill to his neighbor. If we really love God with all our hearts, strength and mind, and love our neighbors as we love ourselves, why aren’t we sharing the gospel, the good news, the word of life to the perishing souls through the media God has given us?

To answer the question, the Christian and his gifting/talent are not separate but one. Do not separate what God has joined. The Christian and his gifting have a mutual relationship one flows from the other, your gifting flows from the fact that you are a Christian therefore Christianity is supposed to be imprinted in it. Let us not be like the Jews in Jn. 12:43 who believed in Christ but would not confess their faith for fear of being expelled from the synagogues, for they loved praise from men more than God. If we are going in, let us go all in. I leave you with this, “Are you glorifying God and reaching out to people, not with positivity but with the gospel, in the area God has called you into?”

Grace & Peace


Posted: March 21, 2012 in Thoughts of a Broken Vessel

So, on Sunday I was priviledged to see Gor Mahia fans doing what they do best, supporting their team. No, I wasn’t in the stadium I saw them from afar. That’s true, I have an alibi. Men, these people have zeal. Just looking at them and you are left wondering if maybe they are being paid on a first come basis. You don’t want to derail a Gor Mahia fan when he is on the way to the game, what am I saying, they won’t even allow you.  These fans are diligent, faithful and loyal to their team. I mean, nothing would come in the way of their game. One would rather break or postpone an important engagement than miss the game. They stick with the team through the good and the bad. Woe unto the person who dares open his mouth against this team, especially when they are in a crowd. These are the kind of people you look at and you almost want to join them in whatever it is they are doing. They are an enigma in themselves. That’s the day when a beautiful, elegant, well mannered lady will put aside all these mannerisms for the sake of the team. It’s the perfect date for some. Only heaven knows what night happen should the team loose. Then, the rocks will turn into mouthpieces and the words will hit you hard. When Gor Mahia has a game, it’s Gor Mahia Sunday, don’t mess with that.These people are after a course, they know who they are, what they represent and how exactly to conduct themselves.

When I saw all these, these characters exuded in these people, I thought to myself, “I wanna be like a Gor Mahia fan.’  I want to be like a Gor Mahia fan as far as God is concerned. I want him to be the team and I, the fan. I want it to be so evident what and who I represent, who my vote is for, who it is I support and for people to know the lengths I would go to for the sake of my team. I want to be like a Gor Mahia fan faithful and loyal to the core. Unmoved by the trials and hardships that come our way because I know my team will surely bring the victory home. I want to always be raising the flag of my team oh so high . I want to be like a Gor Mahia fan, zealous in what I do and doing anything and everything for the team. I want to be like a Gor Mahia fan,very punctual as far as the game is concerned and ready and willing to break off other engagements because my team beckons. I want to be part of the story and not just hear from people what has happened. I want people to look at me and just feel drawn to join me in my team because my devotion has some form of magnetic pull on them, because, the character I exhibit can’t be found in any other team. I want to be able to put aside my ladylike manners and get into the murky waters or anything for that matter for my team when duty calls. I want it to be such that anytime there’s going to be an encounter, it’s just the perfect date for me, wouldn’t miss it for anything. I wanna be like a Gor Mahia fan, compose songs for my team and adore my team. I want to be ready to contend for the truth that my team stands on and ready to speak up boldly when asked about my team, my reasons for being in it. I want to be ready to give up my comfort, walk in the afternoon scorching sun, risk a stampede and sometimes even death, when my team is playing. I want to be like a Gor Mahia fan going where my team is and always singing its praises unashamedly. A Gor Mahia fan is what I want to be, being like a Gor Mahia fan is what I long to be. Where you are the wind and I am the paper, blow me in whichever direction and I will go. I will not ask questions, I will not complain, I will follow you. I will follow you to the stadium, where the action is at, chant your name, raise your banner high and watch as you reveal yourself to the nations.

Lord help me be like a Gor Mahia fan.

Grace and Peace.