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Posted: January 29, 2014 in Poetry, Songs


This is the story of the little girl living by the mountainside

Or of the one playing solo in the meadows

The little girl playing mummy with her barbie dolls

The little girl singing herself to sleep every night

The little girl hiding herself in a corner each day

The one who locks herself up but is praying for release, yes freedom

You know, the little girl who doesn’t know what it means to be a child

Cause’ her innocence was snatched away from her

Her past is ever present, always haunting, always hurting

Maybe if she were born a boy none of this would have happened

Maybe, if she died at childbirth she would have been spared of life’s pain

Maybe, maybe, just maybe

That’s all she can ever think of

The little girl has holes in her heart, big holes

Who can reach out to it and mend it

Laughter is a luxury she can’t bear to indulge in

Because, somehow, when she’s about to laugh, tears form

The little girl hidden from the rest of the world

Because media says she doesn’t aesthetically match up

Cosmo, Vogue, Elle all tell her what beauty is

But who will tell her what true beauty is, the unfaded beauty

She doesn’t understand that charm is deceptive

And so she hides,

The little girl is now grown, but inside, she’s still little


Still hurting, still struggling to cope

Still stuck in her corner, still crying out for help,

In the midst of us, the little girl still walks.


#NEWPOST: 30 Pieces of Silver

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Poetry
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*Ching! Ching! *

30 pieces of silver fell in his hands

For 30 pieces of silver Judas sold his soul

How his name has been tarnished because of that

How I have condemned him because of that

But I’m I really any different?

How many times have I betrayed my Saviour with a kiss?

How many times have I chosen to look the other way and grieve Him?

How many times have I sold my soul for temporary pleasures;

For money that has no worth?

How many times have I brought shame to His Name because of my actions?

How many times have I acted a saint when I’ve been filthy all along?

For 30 pieces of silver

For earthly things which moth can eat

For wealth that has no lasting value

For simple pleasures that bring me nothing but shame

*Ching! Ching*

I am no different than Judas

But unlike him I have room to repent

Unlike Him, I can still be restored

Because I’m alive, His grace is sufficient

Help me not to take advantage of your grace

To fix my eyes on the things that are above

And not the 30 pieces of silver

That ever entice me.

#NEWPOST: The Brevity of Life

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Poetry
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Have you ever grasped that you have only one life to live,

And that each day in it can be lived only once?

Maybe not

That the hours which come fresh to you will carry forever the imprint which your life leaves on them?

Or that life is not only short but also fleeting?

We are like grass, here today and gone tomorrow,

Like mist we appear for a little while then suddenly we vanish,

We know not what a day will bring to us,

Tomorrow is not promised, they say

Nothing can ever be returned for minor correction,

So now is the day to turn over a new leaf

There is no other ‘today’ we can ever hope to have

Today is the day to turn over a new leaf

Depending not on our strength but on Christ who strengthens us

Depending not on our wisdom but that which comes from above

Now is the day to turn over a new leaf

Won’t you hear this clarion call?