Forgotten Lover

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Poetry
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It’s past midnight, sleep eludes me and thoughts flash through my mind,

I’m nostalgic about the good times, the sweet times, the crazy times, the US times,


Times when we forgot about the world,

When like children we loved innocently,

When we made memories out of any and everything that came our way,

Those were the good old days, Old because they are gone,

Never to be repeated, at least, not with me,

It’s this that got me thinking,

Are those memories also etched deep in your mind,

Will you remember me when the wind blows and the cold breeze leaves you longing for warmth,

Will you remember me in the dark of night when the only light you have is the moon,

Will I occasionally pop in your mind when you think of writing a love song,

Will you smile when you remember my jokes and me being all silly,

Will I be completely erased from the milestones in your life,

Will you remember the assurance of love you had when all were against you,

Will you remember me in the silence when alone,

Or in the hustle of the crowd amidst drowning noise,

Will you remember how it felt looking into my eyes,

Or will I, just like seasons that come and go,

Be a forgotten lover who left no mark behind?



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