This Road called Relationship

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Poetry
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Life sets us on a journey to the unknown,
Through means not of our own we find ourselves on this road,
A road travelled by many but not many really get to the end,
What is so hard about this road called relationship,

What makes some fall flat along the way,
Where is the vigour and determination seen when the journey is starting,
The smiles and laughter that crowned our days,
The words of understanding that was communication,
The eyes of love that spoke to our hearts,
This road called relationship,

Bandits lay in wait to snatch what we have,

Sometimes we fail to jealously guard what we possess,
By the time we realise it, we are walking alone,
What happened to the tenacity that symbolised our journey,
What happened to the patience by which we survived,
What happened to the grace which held us together,
This road called relationship so long and windy,
Tell me who on earth will ever get to the end,

God knows how we need Him from start to finish,
God knows how many times we have longed to hear His voice say ‘My child hold on’
God knows how daily this road gets weary,
For it is not for the swift neither is it for the strong,
This road is meant for the weak and lowly,
This road is meant for the selfish and proud,
This road is meant for the stubborn and arrogant,
Tell me how we are to survive if such is the cast,
This road called relationship, so selfless so godly

Day in day out we cry for mercy,
Broken hearts, betrayed souls lay strewn along the wayside,
Alone we perish but with you we succeed
God help us pack for this road called relationship.


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