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Grace to you,

The birth of this post has been created by a tweet I updated sometime back stating the same, ‘All is for his glory.’ I got an interjection from a friend who did not think that was the case since so much evil is happening that could not be bringing God glory. I never answered her because I intended to do it in a blogpost way. After a month or so, here it is *sorry for the delay*

It is impossible to talk about the glory of God without mentioning his supremacy thereof. In Psalms 115 & 135 we are told that our God is in the heavens and he does what he pleases and in another place, he created all things for his pleasure. That is in regard to his supremacy. If there is one thing that we can say is possibly the heart of God is his glory. That is why he says he will share it with no other.

Question: Would a sovereign God jealously guarding his glory, do anything that would result in quite the opposite?

My friend said there exists a lot of evil that could possibly not be bringing God glory. You might concur because it makes sense, but what does the bible say about this? I will give you only four verses that state otherwise:

Lamentation 3:37-39 ‘Who has spoken and it came to pass, unless the Lord commanded it? Is it not from the mouth of the Most High that good and bad come?’

Amos 3:6b ‘Does disaster come to a city unless the Lord has done it?’

Job 2:10b ‘Shall we receive good from God and not receive evil?’

1 Samuel 2:6-11 Basically talks of both good and evil coming from the hand of God. (Read it)

If God reigns as sovereign (supreme) over the world, and worketh all things after the counsel of his own will, then the evil of the world is not outside his design. Get this though, all things are from God but Satan is the agent of all evil. There is no evil in God. The evil Satan does is only by permission from God as in Job’s case. Guess we now see who truly runs the world! 🙂 The crucifixion of Christ was a moral evil but who got the glory, God. Everything had happened according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God. Many sons were brought to glory (salvation) thus man was redeemed.

As John Piper would say, the hardened disobedience of mens hearts leads not to the frustration of God’s plan but their fruition. In short, God is glorified even in the evil. Joseph is another good example. What his brothers did was evil but God had already foreseen the future, knew there was a famine coming and Joseph was the tool to preserve the Israelites. That is why he tells them they meant it for bad but God turned it to good.

Of him and through him and to him are all things. That means God governs us and everything we do is for His glory. With that, I end my thoughts. I pray that we learn to see the hand of God in everything that happens around us. 


Grace & Peace


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