Posted: August 10, 2012 in Poetry

Do you see them?

Like whitewashed tombs, they live each day

Smiling and chanting happily

Good on the outside but pained on the inside

Like whitewashed tombs

They are dead and rotten inside

The stench of their rot suffocates them daily

They try to scream for help but their throats are clogged

Like whitewashed tombs

No flesh is remaining only skeletons that are hidden but threatening to come out

Like whitewashed tombs

We pass them each day but ignore them

For they really do look okay

No skeleton in sight, no stench that kills, no sad faces to note

Like whitewashed tombs

Flowers of all kinds have tried to grow around them

What’s inside though, cannot be cured by the scent of the roses or the splendour of the lilies

Like whitewashed tombs

They need a Savior who can see into the depths of their aching hearts

Give them the healing they need

Like whitewashed tombs

Only a Saviour who rolled his own stone away can save them

And give them life and in abundance

They need the resurrection and the life

The one who can command the dry bones to live

Replace your years of affliction with great joy

The whitewashed tombs

Only God is their healer

Grace and Peace


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