Posted: July 10, 2012 in Poetry
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 Love watched from afar, Love grieved from afar

A people so wicked who will redeem them

His wrath was boiling over and the creation became His enemies

Doom and destruction was certain, for the cup of his wrath was full

Man after man, plague after plague, prophet after prophet They just never learnt,

The flood was quickly forgotten Sodom & Gomorrah became a mythical story

Messengers were constantly killed but still there was no solution

Then love came down, Love decided to dwell with men

How else would he save them unless he went to them

So love left His holy place and came down to sinful earth to provide a solution

A solution that only Love could give, Only Love could understand

The day was set and the heavenly glory left behind

Even though the whole fullness of deity was still in Him

Love became man, Love dwelt among men, Love had compassion on men

Love even became a messenger, delivering the message of deliverance

But would they hear it, would they listen to Him Did they even know who He was

The people He planned to save started planning His death

Oh wicked men, if only you knew who walked with you on this earth

Love could have thwarted their plans, for he knew them

He is the one who actually works in us to will and to act

But He let it be, the cup was near, it was already tilted

He had to drink the content or the people He loved would

So like a sheep to the slaughter house, Love let them lead Him

With songs of crucifixion they led Him With eyes of love He looked at them

Hoping they would gaze deeper and see who He really was

But nay, they were a stubborn people & Love had already decreed his own fate

To the cross, they led Him amidst flogging and mockery

To the cross, they nailed Him with nails so long and thick

On the cross, they raised Him with arms of love still outstretched

On that day, redeeming love and retributive justice joined hands,Murdered Love

So blind were the people that they could not see his love

So they ‘Murdered Love’

Thinking he was just like them, not knowing that Love, true Love can’t be killed

Not with stones, not with nails

With groans and pains, Love gave up his soul With joy and praise Love resurrected from the dead

Love resurrected and this time Love is ready to pour out His wrath to sinful man

Murdered love, that we may receive life

Do ye not see?

Grace & Peace

  1. Kaj says:

    Love is patient for real. We do not deserve Him but we receive because of who He is. Love.

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