Posted: April 30, 2012 in Poetry

This, this was a premeditated murder

The characters perfectly cast, The scene well thought of

It was an event that needed no sequel

For one episode was enough to complete the story

It was more than a story, more than an epic,

It was the Fatal Attraction.

The year – Before Time,

The Producer – The Great I Am

The lead role –  His only Son

The set, heaven and earth – Amazing

The planning was immediate, Execution instant,

And the response, was foreknown

It was the Fatal Attraction

The script, mind baffling,

No human could have ever thought of it

God becoming man, bearing sin, dying for all

That all might be saved?

Unimaginable, yet true

2nd January, 1986, a baby is born

They name her Winnie, meaning – a friend of peace 🙂

Ironical, yet no so, they didn’t know she would truly become a friend of PEACE

Years later, the girl grew up and ventured into the world.

Man after man they came, but none has ever matched this Fatal Attraction

Coz you see, the men that came only offered temporal stuff

Things that pass, things that money can buy

But this guy, this guy offered something different

Something that would knock a lady off her world

This man offered me life

Bet you didn’t see that coming, me neither

This man promised me life if only I die to self

He told me of the sacrifice He made just so I could be reconciled to Him

He told me this one line, that just rent my heart into emotions unexplainable

That when He died, I was crucified with Him

So that the body of sin might be done away with

That I should no longer be a slave to sin

Because He has freed me

I mean , which woman would resist that

His eyes, His eyes, lunged deep into my soul

It’s like with every glance, He erased every fear, every doubt

And at that moment, I knew I was whipped

So friends, this was my Fatal Attraction

For it caused the death of me

I no longer live but He lives in me

It’s in Him I live and move and have my being

I am NOTHING without Him

The fatal attraction that connected me to PEACE Himself

And now, just like my name

I am a friend of PEACE

The Fatal Attraction, That caused the death of me

And caused me to live for Him who died and was raised again

So in this war of love, I am the casualty

But my soul is at peace, for the Master Physician is the in-charge of the operation

Sweet Fatal Attraction.

Grace and Peace.

  1. i LOE it. You nailed it.

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