Posted: March 21, 2012 in Thoughts of a Broken Vessel

So, on Sunday I was priviledged to see Gor Mahia fans doing what they do best, supporting their team. No, I wasn’t in the stadium I saw them from afar. That’s true, I have an alibi. Men, these people have zeal. Just looking at them and you are left wondering if maybe they are being paid on a first come basis. You don’t want to derail a Gor Mahia fan when he is on the way to the game, what am I saying, they won’t even allow you.  These fans are diligent, faithful and loyal to their team. I mean, nothing would come in the way of their game. One would rather break or postpone an important engagement than miss the game. They stick with the team through the good and the bad. Woe unto the person who dares open his mouth against this team, especially when they are in a crowd. These are the kind of people you look at and you almost want to join them in whatever it is they are doing. They are an enigma in themselves. That’s the day when a beautiful, elegant, well mannered lady will put aside all these mannerisms for the sake of the team. It’s the perfect date for some. Only heaven knows what night happen should the team loose. Then, the rocks will turn into mouthpieces and the words will hit you hard. When Gor Mahia has a game, it’s Gor Mahia Sunday, don’t mess with that.These people are after a course, they know who they are, what they represent and how exactly to conduct themselves.

When I saw all these, these characters exuded in these people, I thought to myself, “I wanna be like a Gor Mahia fan.’  I want to be like a Gor Mahia fan as far as God is concerned. I want him to be the team and I, the fan. I want it to be so evident what and who I represent, who my vote is for, who it is I support and for people to know the lengths I would go to for the sake of my team. I want to be like a Gor Mahia fan faithful and loyal to the core. Unmoved by the trials and hardships that come our way because I know my team will surely bring the victory home. I want to always be raising the flag of my team oh so high . I want to be like a Gor Mahia fan, zealous in what I do and doing anything and everything for the team. I want to be like a Gor Mahia fan,very punctual as far as the game is concerned and ready and willing to break off other engagements because my team beckons. I want to be part of the story and not just hear from people what has happened. I want people to look at me and just feel drawn to join me in my team because my devotion has some form of magnetic pull on them, because, the character I exhibit can’t be found in any other team. I want to be able to put aside my ladylike manners and get into the murky waters or anything for that matter for my team when duty calls. I want it to be such that anytime there’s going to be an encounter, it’s just the perfect date for me, wouldn’t miss it for anything. I wanna be like a Gor Mahia fan, compose songs for my team and adore my team. I want to be ready to contend for the truth that my team stands on and ready to speak up boldly when asked about my team, my reasons for being in it. I want to be ready to give up my comfort, walk in the afternoon scorching sun, risk a stampede and sometimes even death, when my team is playing. I want to be like a Gor Mahia fan going where my team is and always singing its praises unashamedly. A Gor Mahia fan is what I want to be, being like a Gor Mahia fan is what I long to be. Where you are the wind and I am the paper, blow me in whichever direction and I will go. I will not ask questions, I will not complain, I will follow you. I will follow you to the stadium, where the action is at, chant your name, raise your banner high and watch as you reveal yourself to the nations.

Lord help me be like a Gor Mahia fan.

Grace and Peace.

  1. Odande says:

    beautiful siz…great stuff

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