MY WEDDING GOWN (Inspired by Ngare Kariuki)

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

My wedding’s coming up, I am so excited my heart is palpitating, D-Day is almost here

I know it’s supposed to be white, that’s what people wear on their wedding day

I know just the kind of design that I want, all that is remaining is the tailor’s signature

It seemed like yesterday when I was just a girl, but now am a woman and about to be given in marriage

Very soon I will be someone’s wife and I will call them husband, Oh how sweet the thought

Funny thing is, I don’t have wedding jitters for mine, is the perfect husband

It’s always been said that weddings are for the ladies for the men it’s just another formality process

Interesting though is that my groom wants to be involved in every step of the way

He is the main person behind the wedding planning, He is the one who actually picked out the dress for me

From the day He proposed to me and showed me His book of love, He has never ceased to be by my side

Not even once, has His love for me been quenched, Even the days when I feel like I have’ fallen out of love’ with Him,

Daughters of the city, rejoice with me

Many a times I look at Him and wonder what it is He sees in me, but each time I do that I disappear in His deep ocean of love that is portrayed through his eyes

His abounding love is all I feel

He has been my strength, my joy, my rock, my fortress and it ain’t a cliche’

My beloved has carried me on His wings of love, wouldn’t trade Him for another

For another cannot His heart dare match

It’s a bit scary being a wife, a lot is on you and a lot is expected

My beloved assures me He will never leave nor forsake me, He will be with me through it all

Sometimes just thinking of Him speak quietens my soul, there’s something about His voice, something about His choice of words

So my beloved has picked a wedding dress for me, He wants it to happen His way, He wants it white not because society does it but because it’s what pleases Him

Because to Him it’s more than a dress, more than an occassion, the dress transcends the depths of my heart, and He wants to envision my heart when He looks at the dress

Women of the city, I cannot begin to explain the beauty of the dress, It’s design is beyond my ken, The material was truly imported for it cannot be found on earth

I look at it and I am awed, sometimes I dread wearing it for it is too white

Lest I dirtify it

But that’s what my beloved wants and the twist is this, He wants me to wear it every single day

A reminder that He bought it for me and what it means for the both of us

I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty, for my beloved says even if it gets dirty, he will launder it with His handmade detergent and make it white as snow

I don’t doubt my beloved, He says even if it gets red as crimson, He will still whiten it

So my wedding day is fast approaching and I have already started wearing the dress

So that I can get used to it and learn how not to make it dirty quickly

Even though He promises to clean it everytime it gets dirty, I still have a responsibility to take care of it, good care of it

And I am glad that my beloved is still by my side, holding the dress for me, making sure it doesn’t trip me, or weigh me down, nor no mirk enters it

He has drawn a hedge over the places I walk so that nothing will tear my dress apart

He has sent His men to watch over me for there are many who want to snatch the dress from me, that should tell you how precious the dress is

My beloved knows me and I know Him and the only way He will spot me out is if I wear the gown He bought me

If when He comes He will find me wearing it and it being spotlessly clean

Let Him never find me without it, for then I will be naked and in shame and He will pass me over because I did not keep His pledge of love

My wedding gown is white, my wedding gown is pure, my wedding gown is just the perfect fit for it was bought at a price

A price I can never repay

May I be alert and watch over it so that no one will take it from me

For that is how my beloved will distinguish me

Rev. 16:15

Christ is coming for His bride do not loose your gown

Grace and Peace




  1. nelius says:

    amazing piece.continue using your gift to bring glory to our blessed

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