Posted: February 4, 2012 in Poetry

You know we are living in a perverse generation when:

A young daughter can’t sit on his father’s lap while he is driving without us thinking, ‘What is this guy doing to the kid?’

When a man can’t walk with a girl half his age and our first impression be, it’ s the daughter

When fathers have begun looking lustfully at their daughters and actually raping them

When  brothers are being turned on by what their blood sisters are wearing

When house-maids have turned on the kids for their sexual release

When ‘Mpango wa Kando’ has become such a norm that couples are OK with it

When our kids access the internet at a tender age and know most of the porn sites

When pregnancy out of wedlock is no longer an issue (no harm intended)

When abortion is actually a subject of debate

When divorce among couples has become the better option

When dialogue among couples has been left in the hands of the breakfast shows

When money and lots of it is the foundation of our relationships

When homosexuality is rapidly gaining fame in our society

When condoms instead of abstinence has become the message

When Pastors can stand on the pulpit and unite gay marriages

When all the programs on T.V. must have a gay person

When murder and crime are the order of the day

When sons no longer have any respect for their mothers

When marital abuse of any kind no longer elicit sympathy and empathy

When brother kills brother just because of a piece of land

When a jilted lover kills another then kills himself

When one group burns another and watches as they scream

When the fear of God is no longer in man and they have the audacity to call themselves Jehovah

When vulgarity and explicity have become our sit-coms

When women no longer want to dress up but are on a body expose’ mission

When people are no longer content with the Potters’ design and instead prefer Thailand for their aesthetic pleasure

When families are breaking up at a high rate and no one’s noticing

When hearts have become like stone and love no longer exists

That is our generation, how wicked and sinful it is

May God spare us from the on-coming wrath because we believed in His word and repented of our ways

Proverbs 13:34- Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people

Let’s pursue righteousness

Grace and Peace

  1. Richie says:

    where the biggest competitor of mobile networks are sexual networks
    eleven year old babies having babies
    where virginity and purity by the youth are considered old fashioned en seems like a taboo
    where kneeling down don’t mean prayer but it cud mean someonez performing oral sex
    where patience is just a name people want things faster than text ………………………………………………… and so much more

    but the solution for all this is CHRIST JESUS ur talented siz thats deep all glory 2 God

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