Posted: January 14, 2012 in Thoughts of a Broken Vessel
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How are you?

We all love asking, but do we care for the answer

Or are we  just being polite

When I ask how are you, how do I ask it?

Am I walking away while asking it?

Or am I actually paying attention to your response

Do I give you the impression that I care and really want to know what’s up?

Or do you feel like I have just said a common phrase in a sentence

Do I hold your hand and sit with you when I can clearly see there is a problem?

Or do I just hurriedly walk away cause’ I don’t want drama

When I ask how are you?

I really want to know how you are

Are you happy, are you down, are you grieving, are you feeling too sinful

Are you weak, are you heavy laden, that’s what am asking about

I am not just asking you because it has become a cliche like ‘otherwise’

But I am asking because I actually care, I honestly want to know what is going on with you

And if I have never showed you that, then I am sorry

But the next time I ask

How are you?

Please answer honestly.

Grace and Peace.


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