Posted: January 14, 2012 in Letters
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Dear Pastor,

It’s me, your faithful congregant. I know you don’t know me, I usually sit at the back of the church and I don’t have physical stuff that will make me stand out like wealth and property, the kind that draw you to talk to people. I try to mingle with people but the cliques in the church are hard to break into but sometimes, I force a greeting on you but you don’t even notice who is saying ‘hi’ to you. I have suffered in silence for so long but I have realized the silence is helping neither of us.

I love the Sunday services, I love the music, the song and dance, the worship team radiant in their yet again new uniform, I love everything that’s done on Sunday to charge us up. I love the way you let your wife speak to us before the sermon starts, it makes me eager to have a godly man and I have also come to understand that preaching to a church is a man’s job, I love that you honour that. I also love the way recently, through the church fundraiser engine, we have increased the church seat capacity, and it is now a mega church complete with the latest technology, all in the quest to be relevant. I don’t even need to carry a bible nowadays, I read scripture on screen.  Did I forget the many ads you have put on the media networks to increase attendance to your church, you really are business minded, you should try business?

But dear Pastor is this all there is? If it was all about meeting in a super-charged filled up room, why am I still empty? If I am told to come as I am, why do I feel discriminated against because I don’t have? If the gospel is all about the good things in life, what am I to do with the bad that is always upon me? I sit at the back so that I can have a worm’s eye-view of everyone coming in and out of the church. If this is a place of comfort, why are souls so downcast, why are people wearing plastic faces? If you preach the God of love, why is there no love among us? I respect you Pastor, for it is a high calling to be a shepherd. I am reminded of Christ telling Peter (in inference, shepherds), to take care of his flock, to feed his flock and to love his flock. Those are the three-fold duty of a shepherd.

I am writing this because am suffering from malnutrition to all. When I come to you and you don’t even bother about me, you don’t want to hear my problems or rejoice with me when there is a good report, you are part of the cause for discord in church then, you are in opposition to your first role, you don’t take care of me. When day in, day out, you feed me with same food. You don’t even notice I have stunted growth for lack of other nutrients. I have Kwashiorkor because am eating only one type of food. You feed me daily with milk even after I have passed the weaning stage and desire meat, then, you are neglecting your second role, you don’t feed me. Lastly Pastor, for you to be able to take care of me properly, to feed me with all the necessary foods and not just choosing that which you think is convenient for you, for you to be able to go that extra mile, to even lay your life for me, you need to love me Pastor. Then, you would be in obedience to your calling. I write all this in love, representing a big portion of concerned and suffering congregants.


Faithful Congregant.

  1. This is for all Pastors, a heart check to see whether they are performing their duties diligently and for the congregation to see whether they are receiving what they need.

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