Posted: January 9, 2012 in broken_pieces

I am writing this as a recovering patient of immodest dressing. By recovering, I mean I am healed but not perfect though doing much better than before thanks to His grace. Cause’ yes, I was saved but my mode of dressing was really pathetic. There was no difference between me and the non-believer. I was a lover of minis, man, didn’t I rock them. For me, it was no big deal I mean, I was just dressing my taste and body in those short, fitting stuff. So if men decided to look, their bad, not mine. I had no long stuff in my wardrobe, the only long thing I knew was a trouser, skinny jeans for that matter. Do not mistake me though I had all the good intentions when dressing, to please myself and God. I never had intentions to provoke men. But does that really matter?

Pastor Al Martins once said, the purity of  your motive does not negate the effects of your actions. That means, that inasmuch as I was dressing with pure motives, the fact that I was a stumbling block to many men cannot go unnoticed, rather ignored by God. Heb 10:24 tells us to provoke one another unto love and good works. But what do we do when we dress scantily or less modest? We are putting our brothers in a compromising situation and even though they have a personal responsibility to be pure we are not helping them in any way. We are provoking them to lust, to covet that which is not theirs and to probably fall into the sin of adultery or fornication because of that small mini or LBD.  Christ said if you look at a woman lustfully, you have already committed adultery with her. Then again, adultery is not one way, it is two way. The person who lusted and the person who caused the lust are both on the wrong.  Christ said woe unto the man whose hand causes sin. So like Robbert G. Spinney, I will ask, ‘are you an accessory to adultery?’  Do you participate in the breaking up of other people’s homes by the way you dress?

Jeff Pollard said modesty is not limited to sexual connotation. It is a state of mind or disposition that expresses a humble estimate  of one’s self before God. Modesty is first of all an issue of the heart before anything else. Until your heart becomes regenerate and submissive to the word of God, this will just be noise, just another note for you.  The bible says out of the heart flows the issues of life. How you dress shows us how your heart is. Yes, God doesn’t look at the outward appearance, but also remember Rev 20:12, you will give an account of everything you have done, good or bad. So if your actions have caused people to sin, better be prepared to answer for them.  Our dressing should make the same profession we do. Christian women should not draw attention to themselves in the wrong way. Your dressing should not scream, SEX, PRIDE or MONEY but PURITY, HUMILITY and MODERATION. Modesty is not just limited to sensual dressing, it also refers to overdressing in the sense of showyness or wearing expensive stuff so as to be seen. Moderation, should be our tag. Everything we do should be in moderation. This is seen in 1Tim 2:9, ‘In like manner, women should dress in modest apparel with shamefacedness and sobriety.’ It talks of decency and propriety not with braided hair or gold or pearls but with good deeds appropriate for women who profess to worship God.

1Pet 3:3 also says, ‘your beauty should not come from outward adornment instead it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is of worth to God.’ So dear christian ladies, do not be conformed to the dressing patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. You are a new creation, the old is gone the new has come. Let us see the difference.  You were bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which is God’s, 1Cor 6:20.

In finishing, I will not boast that I have attained the mark of modesty. No, for it is a daily practise it is daily dying to self and doing what God requires you to do. But I rejoice, that I have known the truth and by God’s grace I will attain it. Let us be decent women. We don’t want to see your cleavages, thighs, legs, bum or whatever it is you feel appropriate to show the world, SAVE IT FOR YOUR HUSBAND.  Let us fear God even in our dressing. Then and only then, will be women worthy of praise.


  1. Evan Agilar says:

    Hello, I enjoy your blog. Is there some thing I can do to obtain updates like a subscription or something? I am sorry I am not familiar with RSS?

    • Hi, sorry for late reply if you are a blogger too you can choose to follow me then any blog i post will be forwarded to you. Or you can add me as a friend on facebook then i will be posting the links on your wall as yet i don’t know of any other way but will check to see if we can find some other way to work it out. Thanks alot for taking time to read through. God bless you lots.

    • Hi, by the way i have enabled the email link so you can subscribe to my posts via email just below the posts. Thanks again.

    • Hey, were you able to finally access my blogs? Have lovely time. God bless.

  2. Hi,wonderful article wenye macho weme soma.

  3. Joel Momanyi says:

    Nice article. Hope the sisters especially in Nairobi will read this stuff. And change

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  5. anne says:

    i love this.we need sisters who will call the spade a spade.

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