Posted: December 31, 2011 in broken_pieces

Love, probably the most used and abused word in the English vocabulary. Yet also the one language that everyone understands. It unites people who if left on their own, would never even have crossed paths. Love is arguably one of the things that every person desires in whatever form it may be. It is what causes war and creates peace during times of conflict. Love is, love is. Love is the only thing that can make a woman persevere through an abusive, unloving relationship. It is the one thing that can make a man forget and ignore his wife’s nagging. It is what makes a mother stand by her thieving son and daily lift him up in prayer to God. Love is what causes a father to just want to hold the son’s hands and feel how his tiny fingers lock into his. That, is love. What drives people to commit crimes of passion and what cause some to let go of their loved ones hard as it is, for the sake of their happiness. It is what is ready to risk a friendship by telling the other party the honest, bitter truth when others choose to lie. Love is what makes me, look at him, and just want to be with him daily. Love was, love is and love will always be. But what is love? Let us try to demystify the profound mystery behind the word.

If asked, you will probably say like me, love is sacrifice, patient, kind, satisfaction, unconditional and gracious, truly so. Let’s look at what the Bible says love is. Love is sacrifice, yes, but not all sacrifice is love. 1 Cor 13:3 shows that it’s possible to give up all to the poor and even offer your body to the flames without love. Let your sacrifice be love filled for it to be worthy.  Love is satisfaction, but what kind? Mostly it will be between us and firstly in us. The bible contradicts this by saying, ‘greater love hath he no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.’There’s no sense of comfort or normal satisfaction in this. You find satisfaction in dying, in what hurts you in a way, just so your brother can be at peace. (Jn15:13) Love is loving your neighbour as yourself.

Have you ever stopped to think what that really means? Me neither. That just sums up the whole topic of love. Loving my neighbour as myself means that before I open my mouth to put somebody down, I would ask myself how it would feel if roles were reversed. It means telling that friend as much as they don’t want to hear, how much they are wasting their lives and what vanity there is in accumulation of possessions. It means literally shielding the other party from any kind of danger just as you would protect yourself. Nobody hates themselves so much so as to inflict harm on their bodies (apart from the minority). Loving your neighbour means wearing their skin and taking care of it as if your life depended on it. By the way, it does. It means not sitting down and watching your friend glide to hell when you have The Truth in you, that’s what love is. It means literal death to self and giving life to another which in turn sustains you. Loving your neighbour as self means going all out for your brother and not turning back.

Finally, love is the mark of a disciple (JN.13:35). So, before you abuse that four lettered word, ask yourself.AM I READY TO DIE? For if you are not, you are not ready to love.  Examine yourself daily and find out if you have love, true love. I know I don’t but help me God.

Grace and Peace.

  1. winnieodande says:

    Been thinking about this lately, I know i haven’t done justice to the topic but hey, am just a broken vessel giving broken pieces to the mender of my soul.

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