Posted: December 27, 2011 in Poetry

Oh how I just want to break this mirror

I want to shatter it all down cause’ I hate what I see

Thin body, thin legs combined with knocked knees

The media says this is the perfect figure

But I beg to differ, I’m the one who lives here

Society craves for this kind of silhouette and when I am in a crowd I just play the part

Then I take a glance at the mirror again hoping this time it would be different

Chubby cheeks, big belly, flesh hanging all over

O my goodness, this mirror won’t you have mercy on me

The guys keep saying they love a little flesh on the woman

When I started getting it, I could not control it

Now am this obese, low self esteemed, ugly woman that

Suddenly no man finds attractive and am left wondering is this all there is

Mirror, mirror, please mirror, please do me good

Cause’ where I am now I can’t take it no more

Side glance at the mirror then it all comes back

Been used, abused and cheated on by men

Was raped by a guy I thought was a friend, ended up conceiving what a mess I was

The pressure was too much, my friends, family, church, society, what would they think

I didn’t want to be yet another statistic but ended up being one in the abortion list

Now my body’s worn out, my mind is in turmoil and beautiful is the last thing I feel

So mirror, please today tell me something different

I’m on the verge of giving up feeling quite suicidal

Made in His image, that’s what I am and if so by essence then I’m beautiful

When He finished making me He said it is all good then that clearly means I don’t need any change

He is the potter I am the clay He designed me perfectly for what He intended me for

Why do I now want to disassemble myself and become very useless in what He has called me to

Fearfully and wonderfully, that is how He made me formed me and knit me in my mother’s womb

So anytime I feel down, I’ll just remember that line

I won’t listen to men cause’ their hearts are deceitful and if I pay attention to them I’ll end up getting hurt

I’ll just listen to the Father cause’ He calls me child and as a Father I know He knows the best for me

Thank you mirror, that’s all I that I needed to hear

If I’m made in His image, then I’m beautiful

Yes, the troubles have took a toll on me and now I look much older than my years

But I thank God because it’s been a refining process and how glad I am the refiner wasn’t far

Now I understand I was just a diamond in the rough


Grace and Peace.

  1. winnieodande says:

    This is to all the ladies who at one time because of one thing or another have not and may be still feeling not beautiful. You are made in His image therefore you are beautiful never forget that and don’t listen to men only listen to the one who made you He loves you just the way you are. Have a beauty filled day.

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