Posted: December 27, 2011 in Poetry

From the moment our eyes interlocked & we had our first conversation

Thou didst win mine heart

The smile of my beloved is always engraved in my heart

Your tenacity to God’s word, reminded me of the kind of man I have always wanted

A godly man, a priest in the house, a man who would lead me with strong hands

Your love and attention to people increased my love for you

Your generous heart to strangers is one I truly adore

The voice of my beloved strings music in my heart

You loved me when I was down and out

Stood by me and always stayed by my side

Through the bad and through the good, our love only grew stronger

I have learnt alot just by being with you, Became a woman, a godly woman with you by my side

I have understood the joy of submission through my relationship with you

I thank God daily for bringing you my way

For my beloved sought me and he hath found me

A look into your eyes and I am swallowed into your amazing ocean of love

All I need is an embrace from you and my day is done

Your warm touch was designed just for me

And your, heart, oh your heart is one with mine, just like the lock and key hypothesis

Our love is symbiotic, because I need you as much as you need me

Our relationship, complimentary, you have your role as a man, I have mine as a woman

Just the way God intended it to be and

Together, by the grace of God we will achieve them

So my beloved, I rest my pen, this was just but a little expression of my love to you.

Your Beloved,



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