Posted: December 16, 2011 in broken_pieces

After the music stops, after the curtain falls, after the people leave, what next? Will there be prayer, fellowship, discipleship, will you open your bibles, after it’s over? Like Lecrae, I will also ask. We are all used to good shows, fiery sermons and spiritually challenging friends(positively so). But what happens after we have heard them? What happens when the show ends and all you can think of is getting home to your bed? What happens when the sermons end and we are all in agreement on how the preacher was on point? Or when our friends leave us and we tell them how we appreciate their fellowship and their input in our lives? What should happen after the music stops?

The bible tells me you shall know a tree by its fruit. That Jesus, is the vine, we are the branches and the father is the gardener. Apart from Him we can do nothing (Jn 15). Christ further says that bearing much fruit brings glory to His father and shows that we are his disciples. So fruitfulness, is a mark of a disciple. He who bears no fruit shall be cut off and burned and those that bear fruit will be pruned so that they can be more fruitful. Pruning is never a good exercise. It means cutting off of some parts so that the tree may grow more. Who loves pain? But this is necessary pain. It’s what we call, sweet pain. Because though the process is painful, the tree usually looks so beautiful after it and the owner quite pleased by the outcome. Furthermore, the tree is there for the pleasure of the owner. So if it pleases the owner to prune, who are we to refuse?

Why am I talking about fruitfulness? I don’t know. Syke. After the music stops there must be growth, there must be change, there must be fruitfulness. How else will we know that you are His disciples? After the music stops, we must undergo times of pruning if we want to please our owner and not be cut off from the vine. After the music stops, the fruit should bear more fruit, infact the bible talks of much fruit(Jn 15:5). But how can we bear much fruit? If we remain in Him and His words remain in us(vs.7). That’s the only way that we can bear fruit that will last. (vs.16). So, after the music stops, after its over, don’t just clap your hands, BEAR FRUIT.

Grace and Peace.


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