Posted: December 14, 2011 in broken_pieces

Lord help me give justice to this topic.

Many a times we hear of God being spoken of as an all loving and gracious father, slow to anger, quite merciful and would not be quick to hurt His people. Well, it’s true. He is all that. It says so in Ex.34:6-7. Where we usually go wrong is when we think that’s where it ends. If you continue reading the same verse you will see it saying that God doesn’t leave the guilty unpunished. Yea, I know that spoils all the mushiness (if there is a word like that). But does it really? Imagine a God who would let all this evil existing in this present world go unpunished. He would be unjust. That’s why Paul talks of the day of God’s wrath in Rom 2:5 where HIs righteous judgement will be revealed.

God is love, we are all in agreement. I mean He lovingly placed ADam in the garden of Eden, created a helper for him and gave them sufficient food and dominion. BUt the same God did not ignore their disobedience but chased them out of the garden after pronouncing a curse on them. We see from the beginning how HE loves us but hates sin and doesn’t leave it unpunished. We continue to the story of Abel and Cain, again, God shows contempt for sin by punishing Cain for killing his brother Abel but even in the punishment, He is still with him cause’ HE promised him that no one will take his life. Moving on to faithful Noah. Noah lived in a very corrupt and violent generation which totally grieved God. God in His abundant grace hose to save Noah, his household and the animals that went in to the ark but destroyed the whole earth with flood due to sin. Therefore, we see that God’s love and God’s judgement go hand in hand. He is the Lion and the Lamb. They are both His perfect attributes.

Sodom and Gomorrah, the highly acclaimed immoral land. God in HIs sovereignty saved Lot and his household but destroyed the entire city with burning sulphur and turned Lot’s wife into a pilar of salt for disobeying. How’s that for loving? Just. Then we move to KIng David who took advantage of his position to organise for Uriah’s death and took his wife Bathsheba for himself.  As muh as God loved David, and we know that David was a man after God’s heart, God did not sweep his sin under rug. NO, He pronounced judgement and the punishment was that the sword will never leave his house, his son was going to sleep with his wives(what he had done) and the son they had with Bathsheba was struck with illness and died. That, my friend is how deadly sin is and how serious God is about it. There are so many Old Testament examples I could give but I will stop there.


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