Posted: December 8, 2011 in Letters

To Whom It May Concern,

Dear Friend,

This is me reconciling the year. The year started well albeit on a slightly busy note because I was working and my schedule was really tight. I can’t complain though, I learnt alot from my last workplace. April came and I was out of work and I had to resign myself to the fact that it could possibly take the rest of year till I get something to do. I was right, still waiting. The I started a business that I had always desired  during that time. The reception was well, thanks to everyone who supported me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep it running for lack of cashflow. I haven’t given up on it yet will still revive it by God’s grace.

Then came the spiritual awakening, had to change churches to Trinity Baptist Church in Greenfields. I never knew such a biblically sound and loving church still existed in our country. Its been a sweet relationship ever since. God blessed me with good friends to whom I was accountable, friends who provoked me to love and to good works. Friends who challenged me to actually know God for myself and to be reading and interpreting scripture in context, exegesis is the term. Hope I have spelt it right. I was also surrounded by a loving and supportive family, I don’t take it for granted.

Relationship wise, it’s been really crazy and at the same time fun. God has been there through it all. He’s been the lifter of my head when I am down, He upholded me by HIs right hand when I was about to fall, He chastened me when I did, He strenghtened me the many times I felt like giving up and sometimes, actually giving up. It has been a great learning process. I have re-learnt what it means to submit I thought was good at it, but still had some way to go. I have re-learnt the biblical aspect of husband and wife and is what by God’s grace am applying now. I am still learning how not to live in the past, to let bygones be bygones, to forgive and to actually forget. God has blessed me with a loving man who has stood by me despite my faults. When my jealousy was stirred, when I didn’t understand and when I was just being too stubborn to love. I know I have been a pain in so many ways. God richly bless you. This is my public apology. You’re my beloved.

I don’t know, no, am sure I haven’t been the best friend I am supposed to be to all my pals. I know I can’t be there for everyone but I would like to go down as having tried. For those friends I deserted in the course of my journey, my apologies I never intended to. For those to whom I could have been there but wasn’t there, sorry. For those whom I have downright failed, find it in your heart to forgive me. Those I have judged harshly, been less gracious towards and more self-righteous and just didn’t care, I tearfully say, I’M SORRY. For you, who I discontinued my friendship with you because of personal reasons, find it in your heart to forgive me. Those I have not kept in prayer, not shared the word of God with, I pray I don’t waste another year.  This is my public apology.

I write these, in reference to all my friends those whom I know personally and those I know courtesy of facebook. In finishing, I say like David said, ‘against you, against you alone have I sinned Oh Lord.’ This right here is my public apology.

Christ filled christmas & New Year,




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