Posted: December 4, 2011 in Thoughts of a Broken Vessel

Dear Phone,

How I envy you! In the morning when he wakes up, you’re the first thing on his mind. His day cannot start until he’s at least held you and given you his warmth. He keeps checking up on you every hour and constantly charges you up to keep you alive. He spends his last cents on you and will never leave you penniless. Lucky you. When you fall, his heart almost stops he can’t believe he almost lost you. He will defend you with his life when somebody tries to take you away. The biggest of all, he is always faithful to you. His loyalty and commitment to you is assured. He touches no other, desires no other, you’re cherished. You’re with him every step of his day, clearly, you never walk alone. When the day ends, he wants you by his side, close to his chest. Oh how I envy you, phone. Your love to each other is mutual and your security guaranteed. Wouldn’t I love to be you.

So I ask myself, between me and the phone who is important? Am reminded of Gen 2:24 that a man shall leave his family and be united to his wife. I must be really important if this kind of unity is required. God further commands in Eph.5:25 that he is supposed to love me as Christ loved the church. Man,that’s big. That means unconditional, unadulterated love. It means through thick and thin, with all my faults and strengths. God made one man for one woman, therefore my security is guaranteed. His loyalty assured,commitment tight sealed. He is called upon to watch over me, protect me, lead me and be a priest in the house. What’s more, all this that he is required to do, he doesn’t use his own strength but Christ who strengthens him (Phil.4:13). Therefore, I know Christ will not fail me because he said in Is.49:23c, that those who put their hope in Him will never be disappointed. So phone, I rest secure, cause’ my man is in Christ and Christ will keep him for me and cause him to do the good works he is supposed to do to me and for me. (Phil 2:13)


His Wife.


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