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Posted: December 31, 2011 in Poetry

Real beauty as they say comes from deep within

But it’s hard to believe when all everyone is searching for is outward beauty

Media, family, friends, yes, even the church

So long as you’re pretty then things go your way

So am left wondering, what about me, what about her who doesn’t think they are beautiful

Real beauty doesn’t come from outward adornment

It doesn’t come from braided hair and expensive clothes thus says the biblein 1 Tim 2:9

Real beauty comes from good deeds appropriate to those who confess His name

Real beauty is that of the inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is of worth to God

Real beauty is shown through modest apparel worn with shamefacedness and sobriety

For our dress should make the same profession we do

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised

I don’t know about you, but the bible is my standard

And so far, the bible has shown me that real beauty is found in God

For God, unlike man, doesn’t look at outward appearance

That figures, that what matters to Him is deep within

So you think you are beautiful, Let God be the Judge.

Grace and Peace.

Christ-Filled New Year.



Posted: December 31, 2011 in broken_pieces

Love, probably the most used and abused word in the English vocabulary. Yet also the one language that everyone understands. It unites people who if left on their own, would never even have crossed paths. Love is arguably one of the things that every person desires in whatever form it may be. It is what causes war and creates peace during times of conflict. Love is, love is. Love is the only thing that can make a woman persevere through an abusive, unloving relationship. It is the one thing that can make a man forget and ignore his wife’s nagging. It is what makes a mother stand by her thieving son and daily lift him up in prayer to God. Love is what causes a father to just want to hold the son’s hands and feel how his tiny fingers lock into his. That, is love. What drives people to commit crimes of passion and what cause some to let go of their loved ones hard as it is, for the sake of their happiness. It is what is ready to risk a friendship by telling the other party the honest, bitter truth when others choose to lie. Love is what makes me, look at him, and just want to be with him daily. Love was, love is and love will always be. But what is love? Let us try to demystify the profound mystery behind the word.

If asked, you will probably say like me, love is sacrifice, patient, kind, satisfaction, unconditional and gracious, truly so. Let’s look at what the Bible says love is. Love is sacrifice, yes, but not all sacrifice is love. 1 Cor 13:3 shows that it’s possible to give up all to the poor and even offer your body to the flames without love. Let your sacrifice be love filled for it to be worthy.  Love is satisfaction, but what kind? Mostly it will be between us and firstly in us. The bible contradicts this by saying, ‘greater love hath he no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.’There’s no sense of comfort or normal satisfaction in this. You find satisfaction in dying, in what hurts you in a way, just so your brother can be at peace. (Jn15:13) Love is loving your neighbour as yourself.

Have you ever stopped to think what that really means? Me neither. That just sums up the whole topic of love. Loving my neighbour as myself means that before I open my mouth to put somebody down, I would ask myself how it would feel if roles were reversed. It means telling that friend as much as they don’t want to hear, how much they are wasting their lives and what vanity there is in accumulation of possessions. It means literally shielding the other party from any kind of danger just as you would protect yourself. Nobody hates themselves so much so as to inflict harm on their bodies (apart from the minority). Loving your neighbour means wearing their skin and taking care of it as if your life depended on it. By the way, it does. It means not sitting down and watching your friend glide to hell when you have The Truth in you, that’s what love is. It means literal death to self and giving life to another which in turn sustains you. Loving your neighbour as self means going all out for your brother and not turning back.

Finally, love is the mark of a disciple (JN.13:35). So, before you abuse that four lettered word, ask yourself.AM I READY TO DIE? For if you are not, you are not ready to love.  Examine yourself daily and find out if you have love, true love. I know I don’t but help me God.

Grace and Peace.


Posted: December 27, 2011 in Poetry

Oh how I just want to break this mirror

I want to shatter it all down cause’ I hate what I see

Thin body, thin legs combined with knocked knees

The media says this is the perfect figure

But I beg to differ, I’m the one who lives here

Society craves for this kind of silhouette and when I am in a crowd I just play the part

Then I take a glance at the mirror again hoping this time it would be different

Chubby cheeks, big belly, flesh hanging all over

O my goodness, this mirror won’t you have mercy on me

The guys keep saying they love a little flesh on the woman

When I started getting it, I could not control it

Now am this obese, low self esteemed, ugly woman that

Suddenly no man finds attractive and am left wondering is this all there is

Mirror, mirror, please mirror, please do me good

Cause’ where I am now I can’t take it no more

Side glance at the mirror then it all comes back

Been used, abused and cheated on by men

Was raped by a guy I thought was a friend, ended up conceiving what a mess I was

The pressure was too much, my friends, family, church, society, what would they think

I didn’t want to be yet another statistic but ended up being one in the abortion list

Now my body’s worn out, my mind is in turmoil and beautiful is the last thing I feel

So mirror, please today tell me something different

I’m on the verge of giving up feeling quite suicidal

Made in His image, that’s what I am and if so by essence then I’m beautiful

When He finished making me He said it is all good then that clearly means I don’t need any change

He is the potter I am the clay He designed me perfectly for what He intended me for

Why do I now want to disassemble myself and become very useless in what He has called me to

Fearfully and wonderfully, that is how He made me formed me and knit me in my mother’s womb

So anytime I feel down, I’ll just remember that line

I won’t listen to men cause’ their hearts are deceitful and if I pay attention to them I’ll end up getting hurt

I’ll just listen to the Father cause’ He calls me child and as a Father I know He knows the best for me

Thank you mirror, that’s all I that I needed to hear

If I’m made in His image, then I’m beautiful

Yes, the troubles have took a toll on me and now I look much older than my years

But I thank God because it’s been a refining process and how glad I am the refiner wasn’t far

Now I understand I was just a diamond in the rough


Grace and Peace.


Posted: December 27, 2011 in Poetry

From the moment our eyes interlocked & we had our first conversation

Thou didst win mine heart

The smile of my beloved is always engraved in my heart

Your tenacity to God’s word, reminded me of the kind of man I have always wanted

A godly man, a priest in the house, a man who would lead me with strong hands

Your love and attention to people increased my love for you

Your generous heart to strangers is one I truly adore

The voice of my beloved strings music in my heart

You loved me when I was down and out

Stood by me and always stayed by my side

Through the bad and through the good, our love only grew stronger

I have learnt alot just by being with you, Became a woman, a godly woman with you by my side

I have understood the joy of submission through my relationship with you

I thank God daily for bringing you my way

For my beloved sought me and he hath found me

A look into your eyes and I am swallowed into your amazing ocean of love

All I need is an embrace from you and my day is done

Your warm touch was designed just for me

And your, heart, oh your heart is one with mine, just like the lock and key hypothesis

Our love is symbiotic, because I need you as much as you need me

Our relationship, complimentary, you have your role as a man, I have mine as a woman

Just the way God intended it to be and

Together, by the grace of God we will achieve them

So my beloved, I rest my pen, this was just but a little expression of my love to you.

Your Beloved,



Posted: December 23, 2011 in Songs

Like a fountain, Full of water

Lord You are so to me

Overflowing in your goodness

Lord You are so to me

I sing your praises in the dark of night

Your praises everywhere

Lord your goodness and your mercies

Let it be so to us

An oasis in the desert

Lord you are so to me

Like a mother to her newborn

Lord you are so to me

I sing your praises in the dark of night

Your praises everywhere

Lord your goodness and your mercies

Let it be so to us

As a refuge round Mt. Zion

Lord you are so to me

A deliverer to your people

Lord you are so to me


Posted: December 23, 2011 in Songs

There’s a heart that’s hurting and it needs your touch Oh Lord

There’s a heart that’s broken Lord and it needs your mending now

You alone can know the healing Lord into the depths of our hearts

You alone can know the cure that can restore us back again

For the heart that’s hurting , Look into the face of God

For the heart that’s broken,  His arms are open wide

For the soul that is worn out, Find your strength in His word

For the tears you’ve shed look into the eyes of God.

For Him alone can turn our years of pain into joy

And Him alone can feel the pain we feel cause’ He knows

For the heart that’s hurting , Look into the face of God

For the heart that’s broken,  His arms are open wide

For the soul that is worn out, Find your strength in His word

For the tears you’ve shed look into the eyes of God.


Posted: December 23, 2011 in Poetry

Lord, please lead us back to Eden, back to the garden, back to innocence

Back to where we walked with You daily, talked with You and were led by You

Back to where everything You created was good and we took good care of your creation

Back to where we felt no shame when we were naked with each other

Please lead us back to the start where man could say,

This is bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh, this is woman

Please lead us back to that point where marriage was holy and no one dared to sin

Lord lead us back to the beginning where your presence covered the earth

And we were obedient to your every word

Please lead us back to the point just before we gave in to the serpent and gave him leeway

Please lead us back to Eden where fellowship was sweet and your Spirit was always with us

O lead us back to Eden where love existed in its most purest form

Lord lead us back to Eden where forgiveness wasn’t something we struggled with

Lead us back to Eden where self was crucified before it even dared to live

Yes, lead us back to Eden where submission wasn’t an issue subject to debate

Lead us back to Eden where our total dependence was in You

Oh Lord please lead us back to Eden where all the glory we gave to You

I long Lord for Back to Eden cause’ it’s my hope in glory, Christ in You

Lord thank you for Back to Eden cause’ though I die daily I live in You

Thank you for Back to Eden cause’ it’s why You sent your Son to die for me

Lord please keep me till Back to Eden let me not miss out on the biggest day.

Back to Eden, that’s my prayer.

Grace and Peace.