Posted: November 25, 2011 in broken_pieces

Yep, the title also captivated me.  So let me first start by stating the characteristics of  Lot’s wife before I get to my point.

Lot’s wife enjoyed religious privileges, this is how;

  1. She was Lot’s wife and Lot was a righteous man as seen in 2 Pet 2:8 so she knew what godliness was all about
  2. Abraham was her uncle and she lived with him for along time  because he had taken, Lot and all his possessions under his wings
  3. She was there when Abraham built the first altar in Bethel, this is in Genesis 12:8
  4. When her husband with all his possessions including her, were taken captive and God through Abraham delivered them she witnessed it (Gen 14:12)
  5. She witnessed the coming of Melchizedek, the King of  Jerusalem, the great high priest of the Most High God (Gen 14:18-19)
  6. When the angels came to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah she was there.
  7. When the angels struck with blindness the people who were outside wanting to be immoral with them, she was present.(Gen 19:10-11)

So we can clearly see that Lot’s wife was much more privileged than some of the people living in those areas. She was housed by a humble servant of God and married to a righteous man, had witnessed God’s hand in a lot of things yet when it came time for her to let go of her world and obey God, she could not do it. Her eyes were never opened, conscious never really aroused and quickened as J.C Ryle would put it and her will was not conformed to God’s will. The world was in her heart and her heart in the world.

But we see this statement, ‘Remember Lot’s wife’  in the New Testament. Why? Christ was talking to his disciples and telling them of  the last days and the coming of the Son of Man. He was telling them just how like the days of Noah and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah people were drinking and having merry, marrying and giving in to marriage bu suddenly destruction fell.

He was talking to the disciples when he said, Remember Lot’s wife in Luke 17:32. This is to show us that we are in danger of forgetting what the bottom line is, Christ.We are in danger of straying and being misled even when we keep the right company and are party to the works of God. That’s why Peter says strive to make your calling and election sure. We are urged in 2 Cor 13:5 to examine ourselves to see whether we are still in the faith, to test ourselves according to God’s word.  1 Cor 10:12 further says, “So if you think you are standing firm be careful that you don’t fall.”

This is an exhortation to my christian brothers. Let’s always remember Lot’s wife. Let’s not start well and finish badly. Let no one cut in on us. Let us be accountable to each other in love.  Provoking each other to love and good works (Heb 10:24) and not sin.Beware of half-hearted religion, Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and strength. Let us finish the race to hear the sweet words of our Saviour saying, ‘welcome, good and faithful servant.’ May God keep us and uphold us at all times.

Grace and Peace to You


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