Posted: November 2, 2011 in Thoughts of a Broken Vessel

We are called to be the salt of the earth. Just what is expected of salt? For salt to be felt, it has to be poured all over the food and mixed thoroughly for its rich flavour to come out. Christ blood was poured for our sake that we might live. How much more will we be poured in this world and mixed with what is of this world and yet still expected to shine? In the midst of all the chaos, injustice, immorality, shall we be mixed, will our taste still be felt?

After the salt is mixed in the food, the food has to be eaten to be enjoyed. In the process of eating, every tiny bit of the salt that wasn’t mixed properly or that hadn’t crushed properly is crushed into tiny pieces till you can feel the salt lumps no more. This is dying to self. While in this world, there should be no sense of self but only God in us let him define us. We shall be crushed for as long as we are in this world but this process is just to bring the best in us, we are still supposed to be full of life, strength, flavour just as the salt is in the mouth.

How salty have you been? Do people run to you to add spice to their lives because you’re full of it or do they throw you away because they see no difference? You shall know them by their fruits. What fruits are you producing.

Grace and Peace


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