Posted: November 2, 2011 in Poetry

Creation story, He knew me before it and that’s where the love story began
Giving me a home He knew I would desert for nothing more than a fruit
But was it just a fruit?
No, it was the fall of man, fall of me, the death of me and the separation occurred
From His loving arms I strayed away, Instead of a son, I became an enemy
Instead of a friend I became a real foe
An object of His wrath destined for doom
But who would rescue me from an angry God
A sinner in the hands of an angry God is what I became
The sin in me told me I could run but where, oh where, do you hide from Him
Am glad I couldn’t because then I wouldn’t be
He sought me in the multitude, He knew my name, He called me by it
His sweet resounding voice I could not resist, No one can
But not because I couldn’t resist, No, because he ensured that
And so I chose to respond, obey him try to make it work this time
And not eat the the fruit again
But everything I did just made it worse and made it looked like work, burdensome work
It wasn’t the garden relationship I yearned for
That’s when I learned that it’s not by might not by power
Not for the strong nor for the swift but by His grace
Not what I do but what He did
I’ve been justified just by believing in Him
Even after nailing Him to the cross, yes, my sins nailed Him to the cross
Even after being given a million chances and denying Him million times
That’s how merciful He is
And so I live knowing that His loving arms are ever around me
To show me the way, to instruct and uphold me
Oh, tell me now, who would ever have looked at me with the same EYES OF LOVE?


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