Posted: November 2, 2011 in broken_pieces

I say I know you, but do I really know you
I say I love you but do I really love you
Yes, I’ve heard the stories of long ago
You rescued the Israelites from Egypt, David killed Goliath
And here’s the big one, Christ died on the cross
But is knowledge enough, head knowledge for that matter
What do you require of me, What shall I offer unto you
Cattle on a thousand hills are yours and the earth,
Yes, mighty earth, is your footstool, I know that too
But am I applying it, do I really get it
Do I get it when you tell me I have to die to self
I must confess, am still struggling with that
Yes, I know am depraved, totally so and in me there is no capacity to do good
Right and wrong are always battling
But does it mean that you and the devil are always fighting
The clay cannot command the potter on the design
So, No, I know you are supreme, sovereign is the word
For the devil is just but another of your creations who does nothing except by your will
So why do I feel overwhelmed, Why do i feel he’s winning
I have read that am more than a conqueror
That you will not allow anything that supercedes me to come my way
But why do I still fall
Simple, I DON’T KNOW YOU, I don’t really know you
You say in John 17:3 – “and this is eternal life that they may know you, the only true God and Jesus whom you have sent”
But how do I get to know you
I have my theological books and oh, am big on sermon audio
Trust me you can’t beat me on a theological argument
But is that all there is
I don’t want to praise you with my lips but my heart is far away
But how do I draw near
You say,”Seek me while I may be found”
A broken and contrite heart you will not deny, said the Psalmist and thus, I come
Surrendering all, my knowledge and what is my life
Coz my righteousness you say, is like filthy rags
So I will submit to you knowing that in quietness and rest is my salvation
Moreso, you have put your words in my mouth and
Covered me with the shadow of your hands
That is knowing you.


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